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April 2008



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Apr. 2nd, 2008

I heart NY

Yesterday I was far too exhausted to write down what I did.  I was completely exhausted.  My mom was hit with some news back at home.  One of her employees passed away.  She still had good fun, but her mind was away sometimes.  Everything was being handled for her at work though so she didn't have to worry about it now, while she is on vacation.  So yeah.  We started off the day at Bloomingdale's and let me tell you it's expensive.  Cute, but expensive.  Anyways, after that we did some general shopping.  My mom got some cute shoes at Clark's, which she wore today happily.  Next door to Clark's was an Urban Outfitters.  I got these really cute shirts that were on sale :D  Then we had some pizza.  The pizza over here is the shiet.  I love it ^^  So after that we were trying to figure out what to do next, so we just went over to China Town.  It's like walking into another country.  All the signs and people were speaking Chinese.  Very interesting.  Then we walked on over to find Little Italy.  Let me tell you, there were some fine Italians in New York.  I mean... Mhm good.  So after that we took a subway back to 49th street. Which is where the Broadway play, Spring Awakening was being performed.  We had some time though and just decided to find something to eat.  We found this Brazilian restaurant and it was really yummy.   I enjoyed the food there.  My mom and I had the same plate.  It was some kind of mix that had beef, sausage, chicken and pork.  Very yummy.  So yeah.  We walked over to the show and WOW.  It was amazing.  We were sitting in the 2nd row!  So close.  One of the actors were excessively spitting.  I thought it was part of his character but... it was really gross.  He was still really sexy though lol.  It was about Teen Discovery.  I'm not going to ruin the plot or anything, but it took on a moral that I wasn't expecting.  I just loved every minute of that show and my mom really enjoyed it too... and she's not really the musical type either.  I was so happy.   Then we found our way back and slept.  TODAY, we decided to venture out and walk through Central Park somewhat.  It was beautiful regardless of the lack of green.  I really liked it there. So peaceful.  Later on we started to look for Food Network like my mother wanted.  She looked it up on the internet and it was suppose to be somewhere on 9th.  Guess not though.  We of course ran into some pizza, it was great of course.  I was full to the max.  I have to lose this pizza gut when I get back home, but anyways.  We walked down 9th... and down 9th.. and down 9th.  We were by the Lincoln tunnel... uh.. near New Jersey? lol  So once we hit the homeless shelter we decided to head back.. good idea huh?  Then we walked back up 9th and up 9th and up 9th till we walked to like.. 75th street.  Then we took a taxi back down to 49th by Times Square.  We hung out for a bit.  Walked into some stores and the Toys R Us there.  It was huge.  3 floors of fun.  If I was still a little kid I would of hit GOLD.  There's a big ferris wheel right in the middle of the store and the layout of the store was creative and cute.  Then we went to this Irish Pub.  That had to be one of my favorite meals on the trip.  I had Fish and Chips and my mother and I also shared a plate of Buffalo Wings.  My mom had her share of drinks.  That's one thing she said she had to have today.  Anywho, We left after a great time and walked through Times Square for the last time =(  We went back to the hotel fairly early and both knocked out!  We slept for a couple of hours and now American Idol is on and we're wide awake, but I have a feeling I will be falling asleep soon.  That Wasabi chick just got kicked.  Anyways, we're off to the airport tomorrow and that will be the end to an amazing trip.  <3 Ny :D

Apr. 1st, 2008

(no subject)

Well since i'm being rushed I will quickly state what I did yesterday:
~Subway ride
~Statue of Liberty
~Ellis Island
~Junior's Resturant
~Brooklyn Bridge
~Ground Zero
   ~Gloomy :(
~Century 21 (shopping)
   ~ I was falling asleep >_>
~Subway back to the hotel

Mar. 31st, 2008

(no subject)

Yesterday was a pretty cold day as well. But it was more bareable.  At least for me.  So we got up ate some of our continental breakfast and I got ready and waited for the shuttle.  We had just missed the shuttle though and we had to wait 30 minutes for the next one.  My mother will never let me forget that now. lol.  So yeah, when we go tto the subway station we got on the N and went to St. Patrick's Cathedral over by 5th ave.  Then we had a "sausage" off of the street.  It was more of a spicy hot dog though.. but it was good!  Then we got on the subway to wait for the B... but guess what.   There was no B on that particular day.  So we just got on the D and transfered to the C and got off at The Museum of National History which is across the street from Central Park.  We're going to walk through that another day. Inside the Museum we looked at the beautiful displays of North American mammals, African mammals, Asian mammals, and different people around the world, ect and so forth.  We also looked at my mother's the favorite, Dinosaurs.  So she was happy and all excited over it.  It was a good time. So then we left and decided to head on over to Times Square again.. MY favorite place to be :D  Then we hit up the best damn BBQ around.  Dallas BBQ, was the name of it.  It was exquisite.  So then we just skipped on over the Hersey store and the M&Ms store.  My mother's been to all of the stores..  the ones in Orlando, New York and Las Vegas.  I'm only missing Las Vegas, which I'm going to be going to when i'm 21.  Then we just walked on over to the subway and took the N back home and BAM I went to sleep. Fantastic. 

Mar. 30th, 2008

(no subject)

Meep. Yesterday was a fun day in NY.  We went walking around and oh my god. The buildings are absolutely beautiful.  I feel like I'm in some sort of movie or something.  We saw the Empire State Building and went to Macy's.  Such a huge freaking store!  and.. I ... found my prom dress :D  But yeah. Amazing amazing.  It's so odd to see so many people just walking around. It's amazing.. wow I say that word a lot.  Anyways we saw Rockefeller Center and stuff it was great. Oh and we went inside this public library... it was huge and so antique looking. It was great. So yeah then we went down 5th Avenue.  It was fantastic.  Also we got some cute souveniers and what not.  I got my typical I <3 NY T-shirt.  Also some other things. It's so COLD over here.  Last night my teeth were chattering.  And the subway is very chill..  Some wierd people on the streets as well as usual. It's just completely different from little ol' Pembroke Pines.. and I love it :D  Anywho, I ended up getting really sick from not eatting for the longest time.  I get these really bad headaches then I get sick to my stomach and then weeee. Yeah wasn't fun but I got over it and went to sleep and today I feel much better. So yeah. The shuttle to the subway leaves in 5 minutes. So yeah BYE xD

Mar. 28th, 2008


 New York New York New York baby.  I've only been here for maybe 2 hours.. but I totally adore it!  The weather is nice and cool. Chilly. Just the way I like it.  Always good enough to have a man wrapped around you ;) Speaking of... I almost got picked up at the airport by some dude ;) he was behind us when we were departing from Ft. Lauderdale and behind me in Starbucks in New York.  It was amusing.  We're staying in a suburb called Astoria. It's like in the center of Manhattan, Brooklyn and The Bronx.  I love it. Everyone looks so cool in their winter styles.  I wish it was like that in Florida.  It's like the same damn thing year round.  Maybe perhaps a long sleeve here and there but that's pretty much it.  Anyways, I'm off to Town Square.. maybe? depends. We have a frien dup here that's showing us around. So it'll be good fun.  YAY Woo Woo. 


Mar. 25th, 2008



This post is for you.
As I wear my pajamas
I love you! Yay
So comfy.
They're Tinkerbell pajamas and yeah ;)